The Changing Face Of Fashion

seen as an Icon Whatever she wore, whether it was at a State official Gathering, family get together, or being  seen casually dressed on vacation, it  created a stir, and  inevitably set a standard for others to follow. How Little has changed.!

First Iconic Lady of Fashion


Fashion extends way back in   History.  However many  purists will  agree that the most   recent  modern Fashion Icon was Jackie Kennedy    wife, and First Lady married to President  John F Kennedy 

Of course in those days  fashion, and  style  were only beginning to impact on the public at large. Neither were  there an abundance of International Fashion Designers and the Fashion Houses  that have emerged  and developed since then were only  in their infancy.

In those early days of contemporary fashion, Jackie  Kennedy  was definitely

Of course the developments in the textile industry has changed dramatically with the emergence of synthetic fibers, and polymers, acrylics, and other modern day fabrics. Yet, in her own and unmistakable  way she was able to inspire her dedicated band of ardent  fashion followers 

Her trademark style  was frequently to wear  fitted skirts, and  matching gloves  .On less formal occasions she was often seen wearing trendy slacks or pants 

Modern  Fashion Trends &  Styles

In more recent times the general public  attention has been drawn  to  Icon figures like Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wife of  heir to the throne Prince William. Kate has her own unique style, and sense of fashion, from practical skirts and dresses, and coats  to formal outfits, most of which is accompanied by her favorite choice of head wear in various styles

A few years back  the public  had the choice to see the contrasting styles of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Sarah  Furguson, Duchess of York. Each exhibited their different  fashion preferences , and  unique style

Looking ahead  the public will be enthralled with a new fashion icon emerging in the form of  Megan Markles American  fiancee ,and soon to marry Prince Harry in May 2018

Already she has taken  the fashion world  by storm  by exhibiting her  fashion brand by her choice of clothing and her  individual  stylish outfits 















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