Online E -Commerce Customer Experience

Online Shopping Experience

Online E - Commerce Customer Shopping Experience

Importance Notice

Please take time to read for a couple of minutes before  looking around our Store

In our introductory post, click Me Fashion outlined their brand concept as to where they wanted to position themselves in the online Marketing Place, by outlining their five pillars of excellence.

One of our priority objectives is our interpretation  and definition of perceived value, and by offering our online shopping experience that will set us apart from our competitors.  Simply put this means offering  outstanding , fashionable clothing and accessories   at  exceptional value and more importantly at affordable prices.

To test the User Shopping Experience. we will assume the role of the Customer visiting our site, just as  in reality that our future customers will do. This process will take the form of search of our product range and collections, so that the Customer can find their requirements,  quickly with minimum fuss. In essence we want all our Customers to complete their online transactions.effortlessly and seamlessly. In short Click Me Fashion offers an unique and seamless shopping experience.

Our critical overview will ensure we have  a high speed internet connection, an intuitive and streamlined website navigation system, , high definition product photos, and detailed product descriptions together with authentic product reviews. We recognize our Customers need to find their product to purchase with the minimum amount of clicks during their product search.

We are mindful that our product pages, must  be uncluttered, and product , characteristics  are clear and concise without  hype .  If we succeed in this,  and include International clothing and football sizing charts, it will also .  minimize the risk of product returns

Above all, and in order to provide an unforgettable shopping experience Click me Fashion, will be at pains to make the overall Website, aesthetically pleasing, and our product pages clear and crisp

Finally, , and more importantly we also recognize Customer Care, and Customer Relationships are of paramount importance, so that out  Customer Support, and interaction with all our Customers are our  top priority




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